Friday, November 2, 2012

Another Eighties Fashion Faux Pas

With Spirit week at school the teachers get into it more than the students, and I am proof positive: It was "Eighties" day. I had my stilettos and short-ish straight skirt with leggings. My long white shirt with the turned up collar and brooch was covered with a man's suit jacket -- sleeves rolled up, of course. My hair rode high in a side ponytail and my lips glowed with too bright lipstick. I was ready! But fate stepped in and saved the day; something made me check my email. Oh my! I found out that I was actually "flash-dancing my way to the Super Bowl." It was not Eighties day, yet -- it was favorite team Jersey day. Phew!


I had him dressed to the nines. You couldn't tell me anything. He had a cool all black Batman costume with a black face mask and attached long black flowing cape. I made him change out of his red turtleneck and into the black one. Lastly, I made him wear the black socks so they wouldn't show above the all black tennis shoes. It looked great in the house....but then I sent him out into the pitch black streetlight-less night to trick-or-treat with a crowd of children and spent the whole evening calling out, "TREY, where are you?" What in the world was I thinking?