Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Calvary

I slept good last night for the first time in two weeks because I knew the Calvary was on its way. It has been six days since the battle that I won last Sunday. Unfortunately, the stench of death (their stinky odor) is a pheromone, so by Wednesday their dead little bodies were like a mating call to hundreds more. they won that day. I parked on the street and ran sreaming into the house. I hunker
ed in and did not leave til sunrise. That is also when I made up my mind to call out the National Guards. When I walk out on my porch this morning in the dawn of the bright sunlight, it will be with my posse. Orkin will be by my side! May their stench this time be the Siren call of Mermaids, calling any that dare answer to their death!

Message in a Bottle

Help, I am being held captive by a couple hundred checkpoints that are determined to be graded. I was able to sneak on the computer for a second to make this SOS message. I would have loved to have my response come via messge in a bottle (a bordeaux shaped one at that), but all I got was this message in a coffee mug and it said, "Wake up and get back to work!"

Feeling Super!

He picked it again! Batman, hands down. But I must admit, it had nothing to do with who he wanted to be for Halloween, it was all about the costume with the longest cape. He will not be happy til I make him one that drags the floor and trips him up. Anyone know when they stop wanting to wear one? Oh, never mind, I just realized that his Dad's is hanging in the closet, too.


‎"Oww Mommy! It hurts so bad! Can you put a bandaid on it." "Oh, baby, do you mean the (tiny little) scratch you got last week?" "Yes mommy, oww!" "Does it hurt here? (I said as I pressed on his shoulder) and here?" "Oww, yes there!" "Okay! Let's look at it in the mirror so you can watch me." "Oww! Okay, but hurry, it hurts!" "HUH? I don't see it." "No, baby, there is no scratch there. See, look, it was the other shoulder that got scratched. Now, does it really still hurt?" Owww! Mommy, yes. can put a bandaid on that shoulder."