Saturday, June 9, 2012

Technical Difficulties

My computer died recently after a long battle with a serious illness. It should have been a simple fix, but once I figured out the problem, I quickly realized that they purposely buried the five dollar coin cell battery under every important system within its core. But I am not one to be squeamish about home remedies and self help... Even if it is electronics. So I dug out my surgical tools (a miniature set of screwdrivers), cleared the dining room table, and turned on my overhead light. It was going down! Two hours later I had completely disassembled my laptop. I felt like Indiana Jones must have felt after a perilous journey to find a coveted treasure. There lying before me was the most beautiful nickel sized battery I had ever seen. My heart leapt for joy. Within seconds I would be back in the blog business. But alas, I immediately took note of something strange. Just as Indiana Jones' treasure would be booby trapped, so was mine. It was resting in its slot and was being held in place by the thinnest piece of plastic I had ever seen. Really it was just about an 1/8th inch at its widest, and was so thin I could see the battery thru it. All it really did was create a pocket, or sleeve to keep the battery in place, but it looked as if it would snap off if you looked at it. So I took a deep breath and then very carefully and gently pried the battery out. Two hours to dissemble, and a half a second to snap off that which holds the battery in place. As I sit here painstakingly and slowly typing with one finger on my iPad I have no regrets. I would do it again. I am adventurous that way, plus it was a fairly cheap computer that was maxed out on memory, and I refuse to pay someone 2 or 3 hundred dollars to fix it when it cost a little more than that anyway. Hmm. I guess I get to take it about again to pull my hard drive to salvage, hopefully, my data.